I'm trying my best to stay up to date with all things Tezos, but channels seam to proliferate-- what is the prime channel you guys monitored to be up to date on Tezos (specifically baking details)?


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Below you can find some helpful resources to stay updated on everything happening in Tezos Protocol:

  • t.me/TezosAnnouncements - Stay up to date with our announcements channel;

  • reddit.com/r/tezos/- The main Tezos Reddit, excellent for getting fresh news;

  • twitter.com/tezosfoundation - another good way to be updated with the latest news;

  • twitter.com/ArthurB - Arthur Breitman;

  • twitter.com/breitwoman - Kathleen Breitman;

  • tezos.help and tezos.rocks - probably the most helpful website in terms of navigating through all Tezos related resources! These websites have information on everything starting from wallets and finishing with smartcontract coding;

  • riot.im/app/#/room/%23tezos:matrix.org - Tezos Riot Community, this place is the main home to Tezos developers and other well known community members.

  • t.me/tezosplatform - The largest Tezos Telegram Chat;

  • t.me/Tezos_Baking - A friendly Telegram Baking Community;

  • t.me/tezostrader - Tezos Trading Telegram Chat;

If you wish to join Baking Slack channel ask for invite by emailing [email protected]


When you are mostly interested in baking, the Tezos baking channel on Slack from Obsidian Systems is probably the best resource (besides Tezos Stack Exchange of course ;-). You must request access though by sending an email to [email protected].

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